What's next at SMALL STAGE?

Audiences around the world are now enjoying Dances for a Small Stage

at La Petite Scene in Quebec City, and Dances for a Small Stage - Australia edition!

Dances for a Small Stage 32

OCTOBER 20 to 23

photo credits:     Heather Myers, Dayna Szyndrowski, Caroline Liffmann, Kirsten Wicklund (top row, left to right)

                           Burgundy, Agnes Tong, Scheherazaad Cooper, Vanessa Goodman, Karissa Barry, Andrew Bartee (bottom row, left to right)

photograpers:     Derek Stevens Photography, Alistair Eagle Photography


Andrew Bartee

Agnes Tong


Caroline Liffmann

Dayna Szyndrowski

Heather Myers

Judith Garay

Karissa Barry

Kirsten Wicklund


Scheherazaad Cooper

Vanessa Goodman

Dinner starts at 6:30pm

SHOW  8pm

SHOW - $20

dessert + SHOW - $30

dinner + dessert + SHOW - $45

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